Secure and access your Kubernetes secrets and more

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Trousseau secures and provides access Secrets for Kubernetes and more, either on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid.

why Trousseau

Kubernetes users are always facing the very same question; how will we handle our Secrets? From a pure Kubernetes perspectives, the by-design solution using etcd w/o encryption is not enough. With Trousseau, your applications running within Kubernetes cluster(s) or oustide can access their secrets in a safe way with unique features.

Trousseau is a completly open source and design to be a solution in a landscape where there isn’t many options to chose from.

what Trousseau will provide

about the name

The name “Trousseau” comes from the French language used within the context of “Trousseau de clés” or “Keyring”.


MVP1.0 architecture
MVP1.5 architecture
MVP2.0 architecture
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